Free software for stable distributions

See bottom for professional versions of the stable library for other operating systems and environments - R, matlab, binary libraries.

STABLE standalone programs for Windows

The program is "stable.exe", instructions for use are in "stable.txt". If you have problems running the program, you may need to download the program again. (Depending on your browser settings, you may have to right click on the links and use the "Save as..." or "Save target as..." menu choices.) If you run the program under Windows 2000, XP, or 7, you will need to have write access to the directory in which you are running stable.exe.

stable.exe - calculates stable densities, cumulative distribution functions and quantiles. Also includes stable random number generation and maximum likelihood estimation of stable parameters using a fast 3-dimensional cubic spline interpolation of stable densities.
stable.txt - description of stable program and instructions for use. You can read this ascii file online, or use the "Save as..." feature of your browser to save it to your local disk (16 KB).

MVSTABLE program for Windows

Calculates multivariate stable densities, simulates random vectors and fits multivariate data.

mvstable.exe Multivariate stable program.
mvstable.txt description of the mvstable program. You can read this online or use the "Save as" feature of your browser.

Stable regression program for Windows

Performs linear regression when the error terms are heavy tailed stable laws.

stablereg.exe Stable regression program.
stablereg.txt description of the stablereg program. You can read this online or use the "Save as" feature of your browser.

Stable signal processing for Windows

stablefilter.exe coming soon...

Professional versions of the stable library

STABLE for R, matlab, Excel, Mathematica or as a binary library. This allows direct access to the stable routines from popular applications programs or your own custom code.